How healthy your website ?

healthy your website


Apr 07, 2014

The best way to be healthy is to implement small changes into your diet and exercise program. The same goes with the health of your website. In order for your website to be healthy, you need to test and implement small changes and be consistent with your workout.

It is not about your expectations, it’s about audiences expectations. The most important thing to remember about marketing- it is never about you, only about those you serve. With this is in mind, when it comes to your website, you need to ask: is your website mobile responsive?

Are there business tools you wish your site had to help you grow revenues, streamline processes, or better serve your clients?

You should make a survey for this with your established clients and try to find the answer to this.What kind of user experience does your current website offer your visitors? User experience design (UX) describes how the visitor will interact and navigate. UX design is an important consideration before you ever start coding. Well organised pages, navigation and transnational processes create an easy structured flow. Visitors should be able to find your information and complete transactions without getting lost.

Visitors are interested to know about what you can do for them instead of reading “about us” pages. Websites need to be written with the visitor benefit message front and centre. It should be written in such a way that is relevant to how people would search for you online.

Through analytics software, you should gather data about your website. This data will help you to know what content is attracting your visitors and what content is frustrating them to leave.

Today users are searching for their needs online through mobile devices or a tablet which is convenient to them. In this case, your website must be responsive in such a way that users or visitors get their data quickly when searched on your website.

In the end, it is most important that your website should be able to help you reach your business goals. The content of your website should be so that it ranks well in the search engines which turn will gain you visitors and increase your business.